No Conflict of Interest Pledge

LookSmart Home Inspections Continues Its Affiliation with the IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America)

LookSmart Home Inspections, LLC, an independent New Jersey Home inspection company, provides independent New Jersey home inspections and very detailed reports to home buyers throughout New Jersey. LookSmart Home Inspections is proud to announce its continued association with the Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA).

IHINA members sign a "No Conflict of Interest Pledge" and do not market themselves to real estate agents with the intention of obtaining inspection referrals from the agent. The Pledge protects consumers from a potential conflict of interest that can occur when some real estate agents influence the choice of home inspector. (For more about this, see the IHINA website:

John Martino, LookSmart's owner and inspector, states that his affiliation with the IHINA exemplifies even further LookSmart's commitment to the provision of independent, unbiased home inspections to home buyers. "New Jersey home buyers deserve the most thorough home inspections. LookSmart is proud to be one of the very few independent New Jersey home inspectors," says Mr. Martino. Furthermore, Mr. Martino notes, "Operating independently is a challenging way to do business but it allows LookSmart to perform high-quality home inspections with the care and detail that clients deserve without outside influence."

According to Mr. Martino, LookSmart continues to grow its business by developing long-lasting relationships with its satisfied customers. "Having an unsatisfied client is not an option. The vast majority of our business comes from referrals from satisfied clients," he says.

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