New Jersey Home Inspector provides pre-listing inspections

If you are selling a home in New Jersey, one way to differentiate your home from the other thousands of homes on the market is to have a seller's home inspection performed by a qualified independent New Jersey Home Inspector. Pre-listing inspections are becoming more and more popular and can be the tool that sets your house apart.

Think about some of the advantages in having a thorough pre-sales home inspection performed by LookSmart

A pre-listing inspection will put you far ahead of the other sellers in your area. The seller's inspection shows that you are thoughtful and forthcoming, as well as open and honest. It gives your potential buyers peace of mind, and you gain credibility in their eyes.

When defects or problems are uncovered, you can be proactive and correct those items before you show the home to prospective buyers, possibly increasing its value.

The pre-sales home inspection allows you the opportunity to solve the problems in advance. If you wait until the buyer's inspection, you take the chance that the real estate transaction could fall through and you could lose the potential buyer.

You have the opportunity to provide repair estimates to problems that are uncovered during the home inspection so the buyer has that information before the transaction.

The report provides an unbiased assessment of the home in real terms. It can help you accurately assess the home so that it enters the market realistically priced, allowing you to avoid the need to lower the price after problems are found by the buyer's inspector.

The seller's inspection report adds important documentation to your disclosure statement.

Knowing the problems that exist can help in negotiations and might make negotiations less stressful for both you and your potential buyers. 

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