Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the home inspection take?
The NJ home inspection will take about 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity of the structure and the systems in the home. You should plan to be at the home a minimum of 2 hours. We pride ourselves on performing a very thorough New Jersey home inspection so that you can receive the most information possible.

Do I have to attend the NJ home inspection?
You should be present at the NJ home inspection. This allows for in-person conversation in which the home inspector can address your concerns, answer your questions, and focus on your individual needs as a purchaser.

What does the New Jersey home inspection include?
The NJ home inspection is defined as a functional, visual, non-invasive inspection that is conducted without moving furniture, personal property, plants, soil, equipment, debris, snow, or ice, using mandatory equipment and also including the completion of a home inspection report of the unrestricted elements of the following elements of a residential building: exterior components, structural components, plumbing system, roofing system, heating system, electrical system, cooling system, insulation components, interior components, ventilation system, fireplaces, and solid fuel-burning appliances, as well as any other residential housing component as is determined by the Board, and in consultation with the Committee, but excluding outbuildings other than carports or garages and also recreational facilities and determine if material defects exit. NJ home inspectors are governed by the rules contained in N.J.A.C. 13:40-15. Comments that exceed the state standards are for the Client's information only; they are not part of the New Jersey home inspection.

What is a material defect?
Material defect is defined as a condition or functional aspect of a structural component or system that is noticeable at the time of the inspection and that significantly affects the habitability, value, or safety of the dwelling. It does not include stylistic, decorative, aesthetic, or cosmetic aspects of the system, structure, or component.

What kind of reporting system do you use?
We use a state-of-the-art reporting system that includes a mobile computer that the inspector will bring onsite to the inspection. All of the information that is gathered during the inspection is entered into the computer. The NJ home inspector takes the information from the mobile computer and up-loads it into the report. The inspector then adds specific comments that are unique to the home and your New Jersey home inspection. The report is not generated onsite, because we feel that a quality, individualized-report takes time to produce. We do not use checklist-type reporting systems because they do not give you all of the information that you and your attorney need to make an informed buying decision.

Do you use photos in the inspection report?
Yes, we do incorporate some photos in the home inspection report. We will include photos of the major defects or problems that we find in the home. We do not take photos of every defect found, but we use our judgment as to what photos are important to include.

Are you a member of the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)?
LookSmart Home Inspections owner, John Martino, is a member in good standing of the ASHI and strictly adheres to the principals set forth in their code of ethics. Additionally, he attends continuing education seminars and classes to keep up to date.

How long will it take to get the NJ home inspection report?
You will have the home inspection report the next day following the inspection, delivered by electronic mail. We will send a printed copy of the NJ home inspection report to your attorney so that you and your real estate attorney can work together to make informed decisions about your purchase. We can send additional home inspection reports to others if we have your written permission to do so.

Is this a code inspection?
No, the New Jersey home inspection is not a code inspection. We do not pass or fail a home.

Can you recommend contractors?
No, under the laws that govern NJ home inspectors, we cannot recommend contractors or repair people because of the inherent conflict of interest in doing so. We cannot perform any corrective action or repairs on the home ourselves for the same reasons. We, as New Jersey home inspectors, are permitted to recommend engineering firm if further structural evaluations are required.

Do you go up on the roof?
Yes, if the roof is accessible with an 11-foot ladder and is safe to access. We do not go on rooftops that are slippery, covered with snow, damaged, rotted, or steeply pitched.

What if the roof is covered with snow?
If the roof is snow-covered on the day of the NJ Home Inspection, we will attempt to inspect the roof covering when we return to the home to pick up the radon test. If the roof is still snow-covered at that time, we will return to the home one more time, at your request, to inspect the roof covering.

Do you operate the air conditioner?
Yes, in the right circumstances. I operate the air conditioner when temperatures have been above 65°F for a 24-hour period. If the weather is cold, we can view the air conditioner unit visually but cannot operate it because there is a good chance that the unit will be damaged. You may hire an HVAC professional to test the air conditioner. He or she may have specialized equipment to prevent damage from occurring in colder temperatures.

Do you perform the radon test?
Yes. Mr. Martino is a licensed NJ radon technician and will perform the radon test. He places a radon test canister at the time of the home inspection and then returns to the home within 2 to 6 days. The radon test is then sent to a certified NJ radon-testing laboratory for scientific testing. The radon test results are returned to us within 7 working days of the test retrieval.

Can you order other inspections or testing to be performed during the NJ home Inspection?
Yes. For your convenience and at your request, we can order a septic inspection, pool inspection, lead paint test, and oil tank location. In our opinion, all of these additional inspections and tests provide information that is very important to making an informed buying decision. We have no financial incentive to recommend or schedule these inspections with any particular company. We use various companies based on our satisfaction with their work.

Can you do the pre-closing inspection with me?
Yes. We will do the pre-closing inspection with you if it can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and date. This is not another full home inspection-its purpose is to make sure that conditions have not changed since the initial inspection. Our fee for this service is $100-this represents a discounted fee because we feel that the pre-closing inspection is very important and is sometimes neglected.

Can I call if I have questions about my home inspection?
Yes. Please call me whenever questions arise. In fact, I want to be your New Jersey home inspector for life, so please call me at any time if you have a question about your home.

How do I schedule a home inspection with LookSmart Home Inspections?
Simply phone us at (973)-407-9621 our other contact information can be found at the top of the page. Home inspections are usually scheduled at 9 AM or 1 PM, but we are flexible if you require a different time.

Thank you for choosing LookSmart Home inspections, LLC. I look forward to working as your New Jersey home inspector.