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When you choose an ASHI inspector, you are choosing to work with a home inspector you can trust to thoroughly, independently, and objectively provide you with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the major systems, structure, and components in the home that you are thinking about purchasing.

What is ASHI?

ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) is a professional organization of independent home inspectors who commit to the performance of inspections that are in full conformance with the ASHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics. These prohibit inspectors from engaging in activities in which a conflict of interest might arise that could compromise their objectivity.

To meet ASHI Home Inspector status, rigorous requirements must be met, including the passing of a comprehensive, technical written exam and the performance of a minimum of 250 fee-paid, professional home inspections conducted in strict accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics. Continuing education is mandatory as it helps the ASHI home inspector stay up to date with the latest in materials, technology, and professional skills.

LookSmart: An ASHI Home Inspector

We will provide an unbiased, comprehensive home inspection as well as provide you with the education you need in order to understand and operate the systems in your new home. It is a wise decision to hire a professional ASHI home inspector to perform your home inspection. LookSmart objectively communicates to you, the homebuyer, exactly what conditions exist in the home, both positive and negative. ASHI home inspectors are required to demonstrate technical proficiency as well as report-writing skills, and they must commit to continuing education in order to maintain active member status.

LookSmart Home Inspections is committed to conducting inspections in full conformance with ASHI Standards of Practice and to strict adherence to the ASHI Code of Ethics. LookSmart Home Inspections is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and exceeding the expectations of its home inspection clients.

People selling their homes also use ASHI inspectors to gain information about the condition of their home prior to listing it. Educated sellers know that the selling process is made easier when they possess knowledge about the condition of their home because they are aware of exactly what problems exist. Having a pre-sales inspection allows them the opportunity to correct the issues before they become a problem during negotiations.

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