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What Makes for a Great New Jersey Home Inspection Report

The New Jersey home inspection report is the most critical piece of documentation that a buyer will have regarding the condition of the home they are planning to buy. It is imperative that the New Jersey home inspector provide the buyer with a well written and well thought out inspection report. But what makes for a well done home inspection report. Better yet what makes for a great home inspection report?

Narrative- A home inspection report should be narrative. It should state exactly what is wrong with the home in a clear and concise manner. Checklist style reports will never give the purchaser the information he or she needs about the defects that exist in the home. Checklist style reports are often confusing and vague, exactly what you do not need when you are making what is probably the largest purchase of your life.

Detailed- Inspection reports should provide sufficient detail so that the buyer and the real estate attorney can have a clear picture of the defects and problems that exist in the home. Reports should document the conditions and indicate where the condition exists in the home.

Photos- A superior inspection report will include photos of the defects and problems. Photos can really bring to life what words sometimes can not The combination of well written comments and photos will allow you to make informed and better decisions. You will also be less likely to forget an issue exists if a photo has been taken. Photos make it easier to discuss problems with your attorney or spouse.

Understandable language- Home inspection reports should be easy to understand. Simple easy to understand language is better then complex. Reports should keep things simple and not rely on jargon to seem more impressive. An impressive report is the one that the client can understand and finds useful.

Personalized comments- TheNJ home inspection report should give detail about the conditions that exist at the subject home. The report should be personalized and tailored specifically to the client and the home. Canned comments save time but they do the client an injustice and take the personalization away from the inspection report.

Cut and dry- If a problem exists it should be clearly stated that it is a problem. Reports should not tip toe around the issues they should bring them to light.

Summary- A well done home inspection report will include a summary document. The summary document will not rehash all of the issues but it will bring to the front the major problems and defects that were found in the home. Summary documents are very useful especially if there are many smaller issues in the home. The entire report should be read and utilized but there is a place for a well prepared summary document.

Do your homework when choosing New Jersey home inspectors. Make sure you ask about the report style and methods that he or she uses. Use these tips as a guide and you will be well on your way to having a very good home inspection experience.

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