Additional Customer Testimonials

"My wife and I are both first-time home buyers and don't really know a lot about houses. We are so happy that we decided to ask John to do the home inspection for us after interviewing 5 other candidates.

John is very patient, knowledge and professional. We got there earlier than the appointment time and John was already there waiting for us. From the beginning of inspection, John explained everything to us as we went, including the function of an item, the current condition of it, what to watch out for, etc. My friends told me that their inspectors just walked around the house in silence and took notes on pads. I was worried that we'd get the same treatment. But five minutes after meeting John, my concern was totally gone. While doing a thorough inspection, John was able to turn the 3.5 hours into a very enjoyable educational experience. I think that's very important for first-time home buyers. Now with John's expertise and professional advice, we feel much more confident about our purchase decision. Thank you so much, John! We'll definitely keep your business card for future :-)"
3/30/12 M. Htut East Brunswick, NJ

"John - thanks for all your help with the home inspection. I was very skeptical on who should I call for getting a thorough home inspection and then I looked up your info online and decided to go with you -- probably the best decision I have made. John arrived 30 minutes earlier than the appointment time - just to monitor the house from the exterior and had his report with snapshots ready. Just as we arrived, he greeted us very politely and told us everything we needed to know, from the exterior, all around the house, from the interior and each and every possible thing that we - as new and first time house owners - would need to know. Working with John, we were worry and tension free and immediately realized that he is very smart, knowledgeable and knew exactly what needs to be checked. He explained everything that we needed to know with great precision and minute details. There is absolutely no flaw in his perfection and knowledge as a home inspector. THIS is what I need from a good home inspector. Also his report was excellent as it gave us so much details with snaps of each and everything he considered that needed fixes and to be looked upon. I will always use his skills for all future needs, and I would recommend him to any and every individual I can and I know who needs a home inspection. I once again want to thank you for your dedicated work and guidance with the
home inspection...Thanks"

--12/15/11, The Shah Family

"John arrived before all of us, he was professional and honest. He explained things to me in detail and was very patient when I asked him a multitude of questions. He also offered his advice on how to prevent certain problems and how to remedy situations that already existed. His report was detailed and had pictures showing the areas that were of concern. He was thorough, checked every area, took his time, and did not rush my inspection. I felt that he was truly working just for me, had my best interest at heart. Even my agent was impressed, because she had recommended her own inspector, which I had used on a previous sale, but this time I decided to get my own unbiased inspector. I am sure glad I did. I would highly recommend John!"'
7/3/2011, S.N Netcong, NJ

Thank you John, I received the inspection report and I have to say I am very impressed at the thoroughness of it. I just went though the whole report and it was very easy to understand and loved the pictures in the report. I just emailed it to my Atty I am sure I will be discussing issues with him tomorrow. Thanks for explaining everything and for being so patient. You are a true professional.
Sonia A. Buzzelli

"I actually researched dozens of inspectors, I contacted John approximately 10:15pm and he answered the questions I had concerning the services he provides. I could not have made a better choice he saved me thousands and helped me re-negotiate my contract with his findings".
-A. Armstrong, Plainfield, NJ

John is very knowledgeable, courteous, and meticulous. He spent a hours inspecting the home, looked at everything carefully, and explained the situation thoroughly whenever I had concerns. A detailed inspection report was released in just half of a day. As a first time home buyer, I am happy to have someone like John who cares about my interest and provides me some professional and unbiased opinions about the house. I would recommend John to anyone.
Top notch services!

-Y. Ma- E. Windsor, NJ

"I'm extremely satisfied. I genuinely feel I choose the right person for the job. John was pleasant and most importantly informative and knowledgeable"
A. September, Oakland, NJ 10/12/2009

"Thanks so much for such an amazing job on the inspection and for such a thorough and detailed report!  I have to say - I remember the last home inspection we did about 6 years ago when we bought our last house - and I thought our inspector at the time was really good.  Mind you, it was a smaller house, but his report was like 8 pages. Yours is over 40 with pictures and coverage down to the individual outlet, window, etc. So much really valuable detail!"
11/27/2009-C. Cerruto, Glen Ridge, NJ

"Thank you for the outstanding service in inspecting our potential home. We really enjoyed meeting you and the time and care you put into inspecting the house. We felt as though you were inspecting your own house.  The report with the pictures was really very valuable and the turn around time was outstanding. We would definitely recommend you to others as well as call you again"
2/16/10 - M.C Landing, NJ

"It was a great experience working with John. He has a very sharp eye. Very detailed and thorough inspection. John does not cut corners. After a home inspection with LookSmart you will know exactly what you are buying"
4/ 20/2010 B. Aboulenian, Avenel, NJ

"Home buying can be a very stressful experience. Hiring John Martino at LookSmart was probably the easiest part of my home purchase. His fees are affordable and his schedule is very flexible. John is extremely thorough with his inspection and the inspection report can be completed in less then 48 hours. I was also impressed by the quality of his reports containing photos and summaries of his findings. I highly recommend LookSmart!!"
Yvett Plaza, Dover, NJ

"This is the second home inspection that we had with John. He found many
problems in the first house that he inspected for us. We would have
never found the carbon monoxide problem or the problems inside the
attic. We are very happy with John's work ethic and thoroughness. We've
had other home inspections in the past that have taken only 90 min. 
John's inspection was over three hours with us answering questions and
explaining everything that he found. I already gave his name to a
coworker of mine." 11/27/2012  J. Tirado, N. Brunswick, NJ

"We received an excellent inspection on a house we were planning on buying...Thanks to the thoroughness of John's work we were spared an important mistake and decided not to purchase. We plan to use him again in the near future to check on a future home purchase as well as a preinspection on our home to be sold to spot any problems early"
10/8/12 B. Bear. Montville, NJ

"First, we want to thank John very much for conducting the home inspection. It was a pleasure to have John to do the home inspection for us. John was already on site when we arrived. John knew our hearing impaired situation. John took his time to explain everything to us in face to face contact. Sometimes John would point out things he wanted to explain to us. John has made us to know our house from inside and out. We feel very confident to move in the house and knowing what we need to repair our house. John's report was detailed and had pictures showing what we need to address. John worked with us for 3 hours and we felt we have known our house for years. Amazing! John's fee is very reasonable. We received John's report in 2 days. John is a true professional. We would highly recommend John!" 8/29/12 - John & Deborah, Hawthorne, NJ

"When we were looking for an inspector to look at a property we had in mind, we were hoping to find someone competent, helpful, and easy to work with. John at LookSmart Home Inspections was exactly what we were looking for. His thoroughness during the inspection and the knowledge he displayed relating to issues affecting homes, as well as how to go about addressing those issues, really showed us that we were dealing with someone who knew what they were talking about. John's willingness to answer our questions has made us much more comfortable in the decision-making process involved in purchasing a property. The ease with which we were able to contact LookSmart and the quickness with which we received our report was also a welcome aspect of the experience for two anxious first-time home buyers. Overall, we could not have asked for better service from John and LookSmart Home Inspections and we are confident that the inspection has put us in a position to make the most-informed decision possible."
9/5/2012 J & B. Sullivan, Ramsey NJ

"On 08/04/12, I hired John Martino to do my home inspection and I must say he made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. I will be a first time home buyer and I've developed trust issues, I barely trust my realtor. However, going through the inspection with John, I felt that he really had my back and was protecting me through the whole process. He explained everything as we were going through the inspection and gave me much needed advice. He pointed out that the company of the electrical panel used in the home went out of business due to safety issues, and that was one show of how educated in his field he is. I have already bragged among my friends how great John was and in the future I will use his services again." Thanks, Karen

"Thank you for your extremely thorough and detailed inspection of our new home! Your professionalism and attention to detail went far beyond what we have received in the past (and this is our 3rd home). We will fully recommend you to anyone we know of looking for a home inspection. As a result of your report, we received a credit of $10,000.00 at closing! Once again, thank you". 7/3/12 C Hoinowski. Branchburg, NJ

"Within 10 minutes of the start of my inspection, I realized that John was the best inspector I have had on a purchase (this is my 4th home). Pertinent, detailed knowledge just seemed to flow out of him and comments were presented in a manner that was easy to understand. The inspection report was prompt and thorough. I was very impressed. I heartily recommend LookSmart Home Inspections and would not hesitate to use them again." 6/19/12 J. Fields – Denville

"I chose John to inspect our new home although our real estate agent had referred us to two other home inspectors (who have impressive credentials, too). However, John is one of the few IHINA certified home inspectors, and I was also impressed of all the detailed information he provides on his website. It was so obvious to me that he is an expert in his field. It turned out that I made the right decision. John is very detail oriented, and doesn't miss anything during his inspection, even if it is a spot that is hard to reach and hard to inspect. He was very patient with my endless list of questions, and he offered his advice about many other issues that I would never have been able to think of. When he left the location in the end, I had no doubt that he looked at EVERYTHING!

I recommend John to any other home buyer wholeheartedly, regardless of whether they are a first-time home buyer or experienced home owners. He will definitely be our choice again next time we consider buying a home". 4/30/12 E. Tortop, Sparta, NJ

"Hi John, Just wanted to let you know what a terrific home inspection report you provided, as you know I was not able to be there, your report is exactly as detailed as the website indicates. Your call on the unknown age of the furnace proved to be true....I requested the serial # from the seller and the unit turned out to be 23 years old. I would highly recommend the service you provide". 3/5/12 Thank You, Mike V.

"I just wanted to thank you for the detailed and thorough inspection that you did for us today. My husband is really excited to purchase this house and I think this helped him even more in giving him a little more perspective and comfort and focusing on what it is we will need to be doing in the next 12 months to 3 years. Thank you again. 2-6pm was a long old time".
2/25/12 R. Singleton, Warren NJ

"I definitely feel I made the right choice with this inspector. John spent over 3 hours. He went through everything. He explained many details and made sure to answer our questions. This is the inspector you want on your side. If something is wrong he will find it and clearly tell you what is wrong. Thanks for a job well done" W. Cruz, 2/17/12 Hackettstown, NJ

"Hi, John, Just to let you know that I had shown my friends your home inspection report. They all said "he did a very good job" (compared with their inspectors when they bought their house).
I definitely will recommend you to the commmunity".
Thanks again, 1/ 26/12 Carol L. West Windsor, NJ

"John, I just want to thank you for the excellent job you did on our home inspection. You were thorough, professional, and made it easy to understand the problems in our future home. I also appreciate the timely matter you sent our reports and having our best interest in mind. I will absolutely be recommending you to friends and family when its their time."
The Henderson's, 12/28/2011, Oak Ridge, NJ

"Hey John, I wanted to thank you so much for being so patient and thorough with us throughout the home inspection. You honestly made us feel a lot better and calmed our anxiety about purchasing the home. You didn't rush and answered all the questions that my wife and I had. Also, thank you for not wasting time in producing the report which was ready the next day. I'm glad we choose you as our home inspector and am confident that you found all visible and possible underlying conditions. Thank you so much and I would definitely use you again if I ever buy another home."
12/6/11 D. Caceres, Cedar Grove, NJ

"Thank you for the thorough inspection you provided us yesterday. Francesca's father gave you the highest compliments which is
difficult to achieve.

Thank you so much for all your help; your knowledge is greatly appreciated and we will definitely be giving you our business in the future as well as our friends and families" 12/4/11 A. Morin, Morristown, NJ

"This is my second home inspection with John. My brother and my cousin have also used John for their home inspections. John is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He explains what he is doing during the inspection and is patient with questions. I learned a lot from the first home inspection and I was very confident in using him again for this second house".
11/15/11 J. Ciccone, Lyndhurst, NJ

"I found LookSmart on the internet and knew right away that he was the right home inspector for me. He was in front of the house when I arrived and had already done a walk around. He was very thorough and even after the inspection and inspection report he answered all my questions. Great job from a real professional". 10/26/11 - S. Incera, Dover, NJ

"Thank you so much for coming out last week and doing the home inspection for us. You did an amazing job explaining everything to us in person and then once again in your report. We appreciate the time you took to clearly go through everything as thoroughly as you did. I will definitely let our lawyer know about you and anyone else who is looking for an inspector in the future. Again, thank you." 10/25/2011 B. Funaro, Hillsborough, NJ

"I sincerely thank you for your time in home inspection as well as thorough report that you have provided. John was a very professional and knowledgeable home inspector. He explained everything in detail and provided me with the knowledge that I can use in the future. I would love to recommend John Martino to any of my friends and families. Thank you John for all your help". L. Dong 10/8/2011 Montclair, NJ

"Thank you so much for the detailed home inspection report. Not only is it very well done you got it to us fast which was very important to us".
Thanks again! 10/ 5/11 J. Lundike E. Brunswick, NJ.

"This is our second home inspection with John. we were impressed
with his thoroughness, knowledge and professionalism. He took the time to answer all of our questions and we do not feel rushed. We have already referred him to some of our friends and family"
9/27/ 2011 N. Williams, Kinnelon, NJ

"We are very happy that we used John for our home inspection. He is very professional and very thorough with his report. This was very important to us being first time home buyers. John was able to point everything out to us and answer any questions we had in throughout the whole process. We are very happy that we chose John to do our home inspection and will definitely be using him in our future home purchases and recommending him to friends and family. Thanks again."
9/13/2011 Joe and Shanna

"Thank you John for conducting the home inspection for my condo in Hoboken. John was thorough, informative, and professional. As a first time buyer, I appreciated the fact that John answered all my questions as well as provided guidance on things to maintain and keep an eye out for. I would definitely recommend John to my family and friends as well as use
John for my future purchases."
9/10/11 Regards, Neil

"John Martino of LookSmart Home Inspections came out to inspect my new condo on a cold & rainy day and took his time in checking and explaining everything to me as it related to outside items. He was extremely through and informative upon inspecting the condo. He took the time to explain not only everything he was doing, but also WHY it needed to be done. He checked everything from the floor to the ceiling. He was able to answer ANY and ALL questions I had and made a few suggestions as to things that should be done before/upon moving in.

I would DEFINITELY recommend using LookSmart Home Inspections to anyone looking for a through, informative and FRIENDLY home inspector!!! THANKS JOHN!!!!!!"
9/6/11 D. Vasquez, Piscataway, NJ

"I used John's inspection service 2 years ago when I bought my house. I was very impressed and left him a good review, and I also recommended John to my friends who bought homes. Hired John again today for an inspection for a commercial building. Same high level of services, great attentiveness to details. I highly recommend him. John, thanks again".
8/31/11 Y. Ma from East Windsor.

"After researching online for Home inspectors, I found Looksmart home inspection the right choice. The website itself is very educative. I got in touch with John and before any commitment John emailed me a sample report which was very detailed. On the day of inspection John was well ahead of the appointment time and had already started the inspection from outside. When we arrived John went over many details which I didn't notice during my 3 prior visits. John didn't rush through the inspection and took his time till he was satisfied with his findings. Every minute item was inspected and recommendation was given. Whichever area that could be accessed was inspected. The report was emailed the very next day which contained numerous pictures and summary sheet which gives a recap of the entire inspection. I was very satisfied with the inspection and will recommend Looksmart to prospective buyers."
A. Merchant, Colonia

"John was great! The inspection was over three hours and he
answered all our questions and was patient. As first time buyers we
really appreciated that. The report was ready the next day and was
more detailed then we expected. We would definitely use John again
if we were to buy another house."
7/6/11 D. Sinclair, Hawthorne, NJ

"Thank you for providing the report so quickly and for performing such a thorough inspection. Your detailed descriptions and advice, both in person and in the report, will certainly be helpful as we move forward".
7/17/11 J Apgar, Wantage, NJ

"John was honest and very professional. I feel very comfortable with everything that he discovered. I am very pleased with his experience and highly recommend him for the services. I am very pleased with his work."
7/9/2011, Yash Shah, Somerset, NJ

"This is my second home inspection with LookSmart. I was very satisfied the first time and had no problem in using John again. John spent over three hours inspecting the home. He answered all of my questions and then delivered a very thorough home inspection report. I would recommend him without reservation". 6/25/11 A. Woredekal, Middlesex NJ

"John, I would just like to thank you again for your very thorough inspection you did on our house today. You are a true professional and I can see why you come so highly recommended. Thank you for your patience with
all of our questions and explaining everything as we went along.
I can't wait to read your report. Thank you again and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a qualified, professional,
thorough and honest home inspector".
6/13/11, L. Kolessar, Stanhope, NJ 

"John did an awesome job on our home inspection. As a first time home buyer we were overwhelmed but he explained everything and answered all of our questions every step of the way.  He showed up early, was very patient, and inspected every inch of the house. The inspection report was very detailed and was ready in less than 24hrs. My husband and I would definitely recommend John to anybody. Thanks for the good job and making us feel comfortable!!!" 6/1/2011, T. Laurenza, E. Hanover, NJ

"Based on my research of John and his company, I went with LookSmart Home Inspections for my first home purchase. John was very thorough, and found issues immediately that I missed on my THREE previous visits to the home. He did a very thorough inspection of the exterior, interior(including basement), and of the detached garage. And he also did an excellent job explaining everything to me along the way, and I learned a lot in the 3+ hours of the inspection. I received the report the next day, and the report itself was very detailed and covered everything we had talked about during the inspection and more. I highly recommend John and LookSmart." 
5/19/2011, Kyle, Denville, NJ

"Hi John - the report was fantastic. I am sure that we will refer to it often over the years that we own the house. Knowing that my husband Mark has never seen the house, this report goes into the level of detail that we need in order to confidently negotiate with the sellers. Many thanks!"
5/15/2011 N. Felix, Glen Ridge, NJ

"I had an idea of your thorough and detailed work based on reading
your past customer testimonials but your actual work on my prospective house went beyond my expectations. You had already arrived at the site before me and did the pre-survey of the exterior. And I was impressed of your patience to thoroughly inspect the exterior and fully pointing out and explaining all the issues despite of the pouring rain.I'm a convert and I'll definitely preach to others about you. Thanks again for your good work"
5/4/2010 D. Kim, Rivervale, NJ.

"Valerie and I greatly appreciated you and the service that performed
for us. Your work was very professional, personal, patient, and
thorough. Your careful and balanced analysis, of the property we
had in question, gave us the confidence that the decision we were
making when buying our home was the right decision. You are,
as the friend who referred you to us said you would be, excellent". 
Thanks again. Eric and Valerie W.

"Thank very much for the quick response it is greatly appreciated. Also we would like to thank you for the thorough and very detailed Home Inspection that you provided us. We left with great knowledge of how healthy the house is. Your professionalism was fantastic and even our realtor stated that you are one of the most thorough she has seen, and the value that you offer is amazing".
4/23/2011 K Feehan, Rockaway, NJ

"Thank You John! Buying a home could be very stressful, but John made our home inspection a pleasant experience. He is very knowledgeable and explained things in great detail. He encouraged me to stay with him during the inspection and I found this to be very beneficial. He emailed a very detailed report the night of the inspection. Finding a good home inspector is very difficult, but you don't need to look any further then John at LookSmart. He is very fair in his pricing and also very professional.
4/14/2011 Thanks, Mike from Waretown, NJ"

"We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism and detail you provided on the day of the home inspection and in your report. We look forward to recommending your services in the future"
4/10/2011 A. Chavez-Smith, S. Plainfield NJ

"Once again, I appreciate the quick response with getting the inspection completed and the report out to me. As I mentioned to you, I have a short timeframe to satisfy the bank requirements prior to the April 20th closing deadline and your ability to provide a quick turnaround between the actual inspection and finished report is fantastic!". Thanks again,
J Helmes, 4/5/11 Basking Ridge NJ

"Thank you for the quick turnaround of the inspection report. I had a
chance to read through it last night and the report looks great. I really appreciate your attention to detail and your willingness to address all questions that we had throughout the inspection. You truly made the experience informative and you are pleasure to work with".
3/19/11 R. Ziobro, Flanders, NJ 

"LookSmart Home Inspection was the smartest decision we made in purchasing our home.  A detailed report was furnished the next day
that revealed present and future problems that we were able to
mediate during the home inspection contingency".
3/15/2011 G. Rasulo, New Milford, New Jersey

"Thank you very much for performing the home inspection and providing me with the report so quickly. I'm very happy with your service and looking forward to further complimenting you by giving referrals to my friends and family members".
3/6/11 M. Hajela, Nutley, NJ

"Thank you so much for the terrific job done on my home inspection. You made a very dirty tedious task very entertaining and enlightening. I really appreciate the speed of your response to my needs.  When I called you on a Wednesday, made the appointment for Saturday and had a full detailed, easy to follow, with pictures report with in 48 hours. I would highly recommend you to any home buyer.  Being a first time buyer of a house in needs of many renovations, you were a pleasure to work with.  I thank you again for all of your hard work and a thorough job done".
2/19/2011, Lisa Delrio, Port Murray, NJ

"John was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He was very thorough and great to work with. I would recommend him to everyone"
J. Brennan. Rockaway, NJ

"I want to personally "Thank You" for the professional and thorough job you did on the home inspection for me.  You took your time and explained every detail.  The pictures were awesome.  You not only pointed out the bad...but you also gave comfort to me when you pointed out the good as well.
Thanks again for a job well done."
2/4/2011 D. Carney, Hopatcong, NJ

"I decided to hire John after a poor experience with my first
home inspector. John spent two times the amount of time then the
first home inspector. His report was also three times as long with pictures and tons of more detail. Wow what a difference!
1/29/2011, D. McBride, Jersey City, NJ

"Hello John, I just wanted to thank you so much for the home inspection you did for us on 1/14/2011 - Not only did you offer the best price out there but you also did a great job. You inspected everything in our future home! You had the best flexible schedule & you took your time to look at every detail in our future home! My family and I appreciate your work! We will definitely highly recommend your business! Thank You once again!"
1/14/2010, V. Girau, Plainfield, NJ

"John did an excellent job inspecting the home. He explained things that I never knew existed. I did not purchase that home and John will be inspecting the next one also". 1/5/2010, Z. Carr, Roselle, NJ

"I have had two home inspections in the past, this one was by far the best overall experience. John was thorough, friendly and professional"
12/29/2010 R. Palmer, Hackensack, NJ

"LookSmart Home Inspections went beyond adequately satisfying our needs. Mr. Martino was knowledgeable, detail oriented, and professional from the first phone to the last handshake. Even our realtor was aptly impressed, noting that Mr. Martino did the little things that some inspectors often overlook. Mr. Martino made a point of engaging me in conversation throughout the inspection, laying out in clear terms his concerns as well as the positives of the property. We made several calls and received various estimates before ultimately choosing LookSmart and are thankful we did; I'm very pleased with this experience and highly recommend their services."
12/4/2010 J. Chorazy, Hardyston, NJ

"John was very professional, informative and knowledgeable about
the systems and components in the home. He did awesome work at
my home inspection. Thanks John!"
11/ 27/10 J. Brahmbhatt, Jamesburg, NJ

"John was very thorough in his inspection and did a great job"
2010, G. Tirucherai, Kendall Park, NJ

"John was very thorough and informative, excellent service"
11/17/2010 S. Goli, S. Plainfield NJ

"Very thorough, descriptive, I would highly recommend"
11/8/2010, C. Fein, Roxbury NJ

"Extremely thorough inspection and John did an excellent job in addressing all of our concerns"
11/2/10 J. Graziano, Montague, NJ

"Thanks John for arranging the inspection on short notice! We really
liked your work that you have performed for us. We will definitely
recommend you to others"
0/23/2010, A. Azhymova, Middlesex NJ

"Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Very informational with honest opinions. Thank you! We would recommend John and use him again"
10/14/2010 S. Gagne, Roxbury, NJ

"John was very informative and knowledgeable. you get a great inspection at a fair price"
10/6/2010, K, Shah, Westfield, NJ

"John was very patient and thorough. He took his time to explain everything he was doing as we went along and that made me feel at ease"
10/6/2010 M. Lopez, Roselle, NJ

" The inspection was comprehensive. John did not rush and answered all of our questions. We would definitely recommend him to our friends"
9/28/2010 P. Yadav, Edison, NJ

"Very professional and informative. I would definitely recommend to anybody. John did a great job"
9/18/2010 D. Cooke, Kearny, NJ

"John did not rush during the home inspection, he took his time to look at everything. He was willing to look at anything that I asked about"
9/15/2010 J. Leeder, Lavallette NJ

"Thanks John for inspecting house yesterday. I was really impressed by your professionalism and very in-depth knowledge on the subject. Your details report which covers each and every part of the house, helped to take good decision about the property. It was really nice working with you. Once again for your work and I am very very much satisfied." 
9/3/10 S. Sharma Edison, NJ

"Thank you so much for the inspection yesterday. You've done a great job and I feel confident that the results of your inspection will help us make an informed decision about purchasing the condo. Thank you also for the report and delivering it so quickly. It's very comprehensive and I appreciate all your suggestions on how to remediate things."
8/ 25/10 D Wojtas, Hoboken, NJ

"John was extremely knowledgeable & explained everything to me so
I can understand the good and the bad of the home"
8/19/10 D. Carney, Hopatcong, NJ 

"Thank you so much. Hopefully this house will work out, if not we will be calling you again!!  I will certainly recommend you to other people, as well. You do great work"!
10/16/2010 K. Russo, Budd Lake, NJ

"Very thorough with clear explanations of the issues and the systems in the home"
8/14/10 M. Detsis, Hillsborough, NJ

"I am very happy with the level of service. I want to thank John for
taking the time he took to work with me and my family"
10/13/10 D. Everett, Newark, NJ

"John's inspection of our future home was extremely thorough and he
offered a lot of helpful advice and remedies. He has made our
purchase more comfortable....Thank You!"
8/12/10 M. Vatalaro, Belleville, NJ

"John vas very thorough, and answered all of my questions"
7/ 31/10 E. Garcia, Nutley, NJ

"John, you've provided exceptional service, thanks for everything.
You would be referred by me if anyone should be in need of your service."
7/ 24/2010 S. Lee, Plainfield NJ

"John was very helpful in explaining the issues and was very detailed oriented. I would definitely recommend him to others." 
E. Pedroza, 7/22/2010 Port Reading, NJ

"Working with John on the home inspection made the process reassuring. John was very easy to work with."
7/21/2010 K. Zastrow. Washington Twp. NJ

"The home inspection was very educational. John was detailed
and thorough. He walked me through everything while he
performed the home inspection"
7/19/2010, J.S, Fords NJ

"The home inspection was very thorough and the inspector
(John) was very knowledgeable"
7/8/2010, G. Urena, North Bergen, NJ

"Thanks again for coming out to the house twice. You did a real through and professional job"
6/18/2010 I. Walsh, Flanders, NJ 

"I am very happy with the service. I received all that was promised....Very satisfied"
6/17/2010 R. Khandelwal, Parsippany, NJ

"John was incredibly thorough and professional. I feel very
comfortable with everything that was discovered"
6/7/2010 N. Cornett, Clifton, NJ

"I knew "Dilip cannot be wrong", when he recommended your name. I am extremely satisfied with the details of your work. Now, I am another client of yours, who will be talking about you in our friend circle".
5/21/10, S. Prandhan, Hackettstown, NJ

"Very thorough and talked through all of the issues or anything that could lead to possible problems. Definitely would recommend to anyone"
5/ 20/ 2010 K. Graham, Park Ridge, NJ

"John, thanks, your inspection report was great, very clear and complete. If you ever need any recommendations don't hesitate to ask".
5/18/2010 K. Geiger, Morris Plains, NJ

"Thank you so much. Once again, this report is very thorough and will be a great reference tool for me when I am settled in the home"
5/7/2010 K. Gold, Bridgewater, NJ

"The inspection was very detailed and well planned, educational. The things that I have learned, I can use for the future if needed. Great job!"
5/8/2010 S. Schneeloch, Rockaway, NJ

"Excellent detailed home inspector!"
5/8/2010 M. Kwan, Whippany, NJ 

"I was very pleased with John's thorough and professional home inspection" 4/4/10 B. O'Halloran, Hoboken, NJ

"This is the third inspection you have performed for me and, as always, the inspection was very thorough. You explained everything in easy to understand terms and your report was very detailed. The pictures really helped to clarify the different points of the inspection. I will definitely recommend your services. Thanks again."
-C. Drisgula, 4/28/10, Ringwood, NJ

"John was very informative and helpful, he answered all
questions and did a great job."
-M. Cupak, Haledon, NJ

"The home inspection was great! Exceeded my expectations greatly"
L. Farrugia, 4/ 26/10 Caldwell, NJ

"I am very pleased with the way the home inspection was performed. John answered all of our questions and pointed out things that we never thought about. I would certainly recommend John to my friends." 
4/ 23/2010 R. Cerano, Hillsdale, NJ

"The service we received was outstanding-would highly recommend"
4/17/2010, M. Torres, Lodi NJ

"At our first home inspection John found evidence of an oil tank that we did not know was there. It turned out the tank leaked and a major clean up was needed. John saved us a huge headache and a ton of money"
- 4/9/2010 P. Justinigno, Elizabeth, NJ

"John is very professional in his field. Very diligent. Takes time to explain in detail all aspects of the home inspection. Five stars!!
- 3/26/2010-M. Delgado, Bronx, NY

"Thank you! I would highly recommend you to anyone. If you ever
need a reference feel free to give my name"
3/24/2010, K. Gold, Bridgewater, NJ

"John was very professional and efficient. He really helped me understand the issues and the level of concern I should have. I am very satisfied" 3/18/2010 C. Coble, Nutley, NJ

"John was very professional and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend him" 3/17/2010  J. Hrynyk, Sayerville, NJ

"We are very satisfied with the home inspection that John performed for us. He took his time and, answered all of our questions, We were referred to John by a family friend and are very pleased with his service"
3/15/2010 R. Robertson, Basking Ridge NJ.

"Thank you John. I received your report, thank you very much for your hard work and good service. Definitely I will refer you to my friends".
3/3/2010- J. Zhou, Basking Ridge, NJ 

"The home inspection was very thorough and Systematic, John Addressed all of our concerns" 2/22/2010 J. Stavrenos, Rockaway, NJ

"Thanks John, you were a tremendous help and went out of your way to help my family and I with our first home purchase. I will definitely refer you to my family and friends."  2/1210 -A. Patel, New Providence, NJ 

"Very professional, very thorough, very knowledgeable on all aspects of the home inspection" 2/16/10 -T. Burrows, Washington, NJ

"As first time buyers we found John very patient and informative- he answered all of our questions, very happy with the quality of the inspection" 2/11/10- J. Perry Piscataway, NJ

" We are fully satisfied with the home inspection. John was friendly and knowledgeable" 2/12/10 M. Russo- Jersey City, NJ

"Thanks for you thorough and detailed home inspection, I will
have no problem in referring you in the future" 
-2/3/2010 H. Howson, Jersey City, NJ

"John is very through and detail oriented, he knows what he is doing and is very helpful at answering questions" 2/2/10 -P. Solon -  Raritan, NJ

"John did a great job. He inspected the house thoroughly, took pictures, and provided a detailed explanation. I'll definitely recommend him--Thanks John" 1/18/2010 - I. Baldi, Fair Lawn, NJ

"We are very satisfied with the service, we would highly recommend your services to others" 1/9/2010 S. Morositz- Rockaway, NJ

"John was very helpful and answered all questions. He was very thorough with the home inspection, and did not make me feel rushed at all" 12/19/2009 K. Russo- Wood Ridge, NJ

"John was detailed and thorough, definitely the most in depth home inspection I've experienced" 12/12/2009 - A. Sorchini- Green brook, NJ

"The inspection was very informative, answered all my questions thoroughly" -11/20/2009-D. Molina Whippany, NJ

"John was awesome, very patient with all of my questions and more questions"-11/11/'2009- F. Luis- Bridgewater, NJ

"The inspector (John) was prompt at the appointment and very informative. The inspection was very thorough and I am very satisfied with the service!" 11/7/2009-N. Jhaveri, Avenal, NJ

"Thank you very much for the report and how quickly it was done! Really apreciated all the observations. We will go through them. You did a great job, thanks again." 11/5/2009-K. Ponomarciuc-Hawthorne, NJ

"Very polite and took the time to walk us through each room and answered all of our questions" M. Herzenberg-10/31/2009-Newton, NJ 

"John was great, very thorough and accommodating. Very good experience. He is knowledgeable and easy to talk too"
10/29/2009- J. Rego-Kearny, NJ

"John was very professional and explained everything in detail" - 10/25/2009- N. Glaud- Maplewood, NJ

"John was knowledgeable and professional. He was friendly and answered all of my questions" 10/21/2009- J. Jones- Parsippany, NJ  

"Very happy with John Martino and his level of thoroughness.
Brought to my attention many things that I would have otherwise miss."
-10/5/2009 D. Molina, Mountainside. NJ

"The inspection was thorough and John is very knowledgeable.
As a first time home buyer this was a great experience"
-10/2/2009 - M. Lorello, Budd Lake, NJ

"John was very professional and helpful"- 10/1/2009-B. Medina, Hoboken, NJ

"Great inspection-very thorough and explained everything well.
Thank you!"-9/24/2009-K. Christiansen, Rockaway, NJ

"John was very professional, informative, helpful and friendly. He did a
great job, and I would highly recommend him"
9/19/2009-Caroline & Lindsay Pfeifer, Blairstown, NJ 

"Very professional, addressed all of our concerns and
possible problems. Great value!"
9/15/209, C. Mackay - Rahway, NJ

"The inspection was very thorough and detailed. We would recommend your
services to anyone who needed them. We were very satisfied."
9/12/2009 S. Carrell, Vernon, NJ

"John is very professional. He explained in detail what ever he found and answered
all of my questions. He also showed me how to look for problems in the home"
9/11/2009 Y. Huang- Plainsboro, NJ

"Awesome, very thorough!" 9/8/2009- C. DePierro, Clifton, NJ

"I was very happy with the inspection service, John thoroughly explained the problems that he found in the house. -8/22/09 F. Depierola, Bayonne, NJ

"John came highly recommended by my friends who also purchased a house
recently. I am happy to say they were right!"
-8/15/2009, N. Pillai, Jersey City, NJ

"Vey informative, knowledgeable about all household systems. answered all
questions and professional"
- 8/15/2009, C. Nunez, Lodi, NJ

"We have used LookSmart before and are fully satisfied and would
recommend John to our friends and family"
-8/6/09- C. Crocker, Parsippany, NJ

"John was very professional & thorough, John did a very good job"
8/5/09-M. Kahn, Franklin Park, NJ

"John was very professional and helpful, I would definitely recommend him"
- 8/3/09 D. Latour, Clifton 

"John was very helpful and explained all of the issues in detail.
Very professional and knowledgeable"
-7/27/09-O.Daye-Bayonne, NJ

"John performed a very thorough home inspection. All of my questions
and concerns were addressed and a detailed explanation was provided.
I would highly recommend John to anyone who is in the process of
purchasing a home. The Home Inspection Report was sent to me by the
next day and it was extremely detailed and well written even detailing
areas that could use improvement".
-Mary G. 7/25/09-Kearny, NJ

"The inspection was outstanding & all of my questions were answered clearly & thoroughly. I will definitely recommend John to my friends and family,
when they are in the process of purchasing a home"
-7/22/09- M Lunemann, Hillsborough, NJ

"Thank you for the report. I found your service to be very professional.
I would definitely use your service again"
7/21/03 -A. Cifaretto, Succasunna, NJ

"I am very happy with the quality of the inspection that John performed
for us today"
- 7/20/09 M. Mossucco, Belleville, NJ

"John performed a very thorough home inspection, I am very happy with the
quality of the home inspection"
-7/17/09-J. Nunez, Lyndhurst, NJ

"I went with John Martino of LookSmart Home Inspections on a recomendation
from a co-worker & was very satisfied.  I highly recommend John"
-7/16/2009, M. Armellino, Chester, NJ

"Thanks for sending over the home inspection report in such a timely fashion. I really appreciate the time you took today to thoroughly explain everything to us. It was a pleasure and I will be sure to recommend you to our family and friends".
-K. Banks, 7/15/09 Bronx, NY

"Your home inspection was very thorough and extremely informative. Thank you".
-K. Banks 7/15/2009, Piscataway, NJ

"This is my first experience with working with John, he was very easy to work
with, professional and thorough. I would strongly recommend his services
based on my own experience"
- 7/7/09 D. Arokiasamy, Kendall Park, NJ

"John was very descriptive in explaining all circumstances. We are very
satisfied with our choice in LookSmart"
-7/3/09 A. MacDonald, Vernon, NJ

"I was really impressed with the home inspection done by LookSmart Home
Inspections. The inspection job was thorough and everything was pointed out to
me as it was found. Any questions that I came up with were answered. Also some
areas for improvements were suggested when non-serious issues were found."
- 7/2/2009, T. Wardell, Parsippany, NJ

"This inspection was performed very professionally and thoroughly, I would
recommend John to any of my friends and associates"
-7/1/2009 M. Dalacio, Newark, NJ

"This inspection was performed very professionally and thoroughly, I would
recommend John to any of my friends and associates"
-7/1/2009 M. Dalacio, Newark, NJ

"Very informative and thorough, a very good value"
- 6/25/09, R. Gorospe, Middlesex, NJ

"Thanks for getting the report out so fast. I am very impressed with your work.
I will refer you to anyone I know." -
6/22/09, S. Pittman, Montville, NJ

"John was very accomodating and was able to perform our home inspection on very short notice"- 6/20/2009, A. Fortajada, Budd Lake, NJ

"John was very good and answered all of my questions"
- 6/16/09, E. Callaghan, Kearny NJ

" John was very thorough and very knowledgeable"
- 6/16/09, M. Cugliari, Woodland Park, NJ

"Very thorough and explained everything to us. Would recommend!"
- 6/13/09, M. Garett, Dover, NJ

"I was very happy with the inspector's (John) work, he could not have done more.
I could not be any happier then that"
- 6/13/09, E. Legrand, Maplewood, NJ

"John performed a thorough home inspection of the property,
and answered all of our concerns"
-6/11/09, C&J Crocker, Parsippany, NJ

"John was very helpful and explained everything that he was doing"
-M. Kester, 6/10/09, Budd Lake, NJ

"Very informative. John took time to explain his findings."
- 6/6/09 W. White, Roselle, NJ

"Very professional and friendly" -6/2/09 P. Rowland, Edison, NJ

"The inspection went extremely well. John was very thorough. He conducted the inspection with professionalism"
-6/3/09 M. Beadle, Dover NJ

"John was very thorough + helpful with our inspection. John gave us the peace
of mind about our new home!"
- 5/29/2009 J&K Wilkinson, Summit, N

"Very thorough. Very polite and professional. Answered all
questions fully and completely"
- 5/28/09, J. Mendello/J. Brennen, Pompton Plains, NJ

"John was very professional and helpful and he answered all of my concerns"
- M. Hergs, 5/21/2009, Fairfield NJ

"I highly recommend John. He was very helpful and detailed. Thanks."
- O. Ricardo, 5/16/09, Rochelle Park, NJ

"Very impressed with the professionalism - Good job"
- 5/13/09, J. Juarez, Arlington, TX

"Very thorough and informative"
- 5/13/09, D. Alerassol, Clearbrook, VA

John did a great job. Thank you LookSmart Home Inspections, great value,
great person" - 5/9/2009, A. Batista NY

"Excellent service"- 5/9/09, J. Schumacher,Andover, NJ

"I was very well informed by John as to the quality of the house"
-5/2 D. Eliassen, Rockaway

" You're just one good inspector, I would recommend John to anyone out there looking to buy a house. He is very detailed and explains everything you need to know"
-5/1/2009, Eric. K, South Amboy

"John's inspection was first rate, professional and thorough. I highly recommend his services" - 4/28/09 P. Kawaka

" Very thorough job, good work!!!"
- 4/25/2009 Dr. E. Wininger

"John did a great job! He is very professional. We are very satisfied with
the home inspection"
- Li, 4/23/09, Piscataway

"I am so thankful for your hard job and detailed report. What a beautiful job you did.
With no doubt I recommend this inspector to everyone. If your pocket is tight and
you need a beautiful job done, call John. He answers all the questions you have
and doesn't mind to repeat information thousand times. Thank you again"
4/19/2009, Jurgita K, S. Amboy

"Excellent service, very diligent; very comfortable with the service".
4/18/09, J. Fisher, Westwood

"John did a thorough and efficient job inspecting the home. He provided easy, practical advice to prevent future problems. I would definitely recommended him!"
-E. Pines, Morris Plains

"John was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything and covered the entire house top to bottom"
--J. Doshi-Lk Hiawatha, NJ 

"Very helpful, very knowledgeable, I would recommend (John) to others".
--W. Pommnitz, Bedminster, NJ

"John was very thorough and helpful while doing the
home inspection"
-Moy, Parsippany NJ

"John is very professional, reliable and knowledgeable, I would recommend him
to all my friends for sure."
-Chen, Edison NJ

"The way John explained everything really helped us to better understand our future home."

"John was professional, patient and very thorough. He answered all my
questions, I would not hesitate to recommend him"
- L.G

"John was very professional. He took the time to answer my many questions.
I am very happy with the experience"
- K. Devine

"John was thorough and kind. I felt that he had my best
interest at heart"

"John did a thorough job inspecting the home and answered all of our
questions, I am very satisfied"

"A great overall experience, John was thorough and very knowledgeable"
- P.G

"I was more then satisfied, answered all questions and explained everything
about the house from top to bottom"
- E.P

"The inspection went very well and John was helpful and knowledgeable.
We would refer him as well"
- D.R

"Very informative, educational, friendly-Good Job!"
- F.H

"John did an excellent job inspecting the home for us, he pointed out things that I would never have looked for"
- M.B

"Very courteous and thorough with his explanations, John put me at ease as
a first time home buyer"
- J.C

"Completely knowledgeable and took time to answer any of the
questions that we had"
- M.M

"John was thorough, answered our questions, patient, it was a very
good experience."
- S.R

"Very Helpful and explained everything to us"
- J.N

"I feel the inspector was very thorough in his evaluations and very informative"

"The inspector uncovered many serious problems and saved me from making a huge mistake"
- J.P

"John was very professional & explained everything to me and my wife in
detail. I would highly recommend John & use him again for future inspections"
- E.Z

"John is a very thorough well informed person-he provided a very
thorough inspection"
- B.C

"John did a very thorough job inspecting the house inside
and out"
- T.H

"Very good overall experience, I will recommend"

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