7 Reasons Why My New Jersey Home Inspection Reports Blow the Competition Away

  1. The home inspection reports are completely narrative. I clearly explain what the defect or problems is and the potential complications that can arise if the defect or problem is not corrected.

  2. I do not use vague language. I tell you what is wrong with the home in clear terms. My only goal is your complete satisfaction.

  3. I include digital photos of the major defects, so you can read about the problem as well as view the problem. Pictures say a thousand words especially in home inspection reports.

  4. The home inspection reports are very detailed. I produce a report that breaks down the home into its various areas. A LookSmart report includes sections on the site, exterior, roof, attic, foundation, basement, crawlspace, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, bathrooms, interior rooms, bedrooms, and garage.

  5. The reports are individually written by me, your home inspector. I take great care in creating your individual home inspection report. A detailed and thorough report is time consuming and should not be rushed. I understand that this focused attention is needed as you prepare to make an informed decision on a purchase of a lifetime.

  6. I deliver my reports electronically to your email the morning after the home inspection so you do not have to wait. Often the inspection report is ready the evening of your home inspection. My report will be in your hands in a timely fashion so you can start making important decisions about your home purchase.

  7. I include a report summary that describes some of the major defects. The summary does not include all of the defects and problems but it brings the major issues to the forefront. The report will describe additional defects so it is very important that you read the entire report.

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"I'm reading the report, Oh My God!! It's so detailed and descriptive. Everything is documented with pictures and explanation. This is simply GREAT, thank you so much John!" 1/18/2010