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Termite Inspection and Its Benefits

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

If you are thinking of something small but terrible, termites are the perfect specimen. These dreaded creatures, which can hardly be seen by the naked eye, causes massive destruction that can easily reduce your house/office building to a heap of termite trash, within a few years. This timber digesting creature is capable of digesting an entire wooden house, well within a decade. Now that is a troublesome thought isn’t it? Therefore, you should always seek professional help, a Termite Inspection, especially when you are living in an area, notorious for termite invasion.

Regular inspection for termite invasion by Licensed Home Inspector is mandatory. Regular checks and implementations of timely pest control measures is undoubtedly the best way to prevent properties from termite damage. There are many home owners with a strong tendency to avoid such a critical inspection, as they need to shell out money. However, they fail to acknowledge the long term damage that they will suffer, which is far greater than a timely, costly Termite Inspection. If you are a smart homeowner then it is easy to realize the fact that prevention is always less expensive than a treatment for a complete cure post termite invasion. It is only through regular inspection that you can keep your dwellings healthy and fit, both from the inside and the outside.

Most Termite Inspection processes primarily focus on the areas in your house that are most vulnerable to a termite invasion like attics, basements and the crawlsapces. There are always signs of termite invasion that any experienced and Licensed Home Inspector will easily recognize. Moreover, with the advent of modern technology, hi-tech equipments, like moisture meters and specially designed torches which locate a termite invasion instantly, has made the inspection a lot easier. A good termite inspection and prevention program should not only detect and cure damages that have already taken place, but must also take the necessary steps to prevent the invasion from spreading to the other areas of the house. If you are purchasing an existing residential or commercial property a comprehensive Termite Inspection is almost mandatory before you make the deal. It is a wise decision to check the area for presence of termites prior starting the construction process for a new property.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for any of the two types of Termite Inspection – a complete inspection and a limited inspection. For newly built houses or properties on sale, complete inspection is recommended, as they fully check out the premises and its surroundings. A localized inspection by a Licensed Home Inspector can be asked for, if you suspect a termite invasion in certain areas of your home. Also ensure that your pest control inspector renders a complete report on the job undertaken, and offers a free re-inspection if the problem arises again within a given period of time.

So, take the first step to protect your home against these wood hungry creatures, now, lest you wish to see your property fall into crumbles.

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