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Performing New Home Inspections in New Jersey

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

Recently we have been getting many calls requesting new home inspections in New Jersey. New-home inspections are becoming ever more popular and make sense for most home buyers.

A quality New Jersey home inspection will find construction oversights and issues before you have to close on the home. Having a new home inspection will give you and the builder the opportunity to address these issues before closing. Common oversights that are often found while performing new NJ home inspections are incomplete plumbing, gutters that are incorrectly installed, missing flashing and roofing components, fireplace issues, and electrical system problems. The building of a new home involves many subcontractors often working in the home at the same time. Subcontractors may be working on many homes at the same time and without careful coordination oversights can occur. A qualified and experienced New Jersey home inspector will help find these problems and reduce the heart aches before the buyer purchases the house.

Another benefit to having a new home inspection is that the home inspector can also help the buyer understand the new home and it systems. The new home inspection is a chance for the buyer to ask questions and to allow the home inspector to demonstrate how the various systems in the home are configured and operate. While doing a new home inspection I like to show the homeowner where the various cut off valves are located. How to reset circuit breakers if necessary. How exterior grading can really impact basement water and crawlspace issues, and also what to expect as a home settles over time.

New homes do have a warranty and a buyer should be reminded as such. Also a buyer should be reminded when the home warranty is about to expire. Often I get calls just before the end of the warranty period is over. Having a home inspection performed just before the end of the warranty is also advantageous because it allows you and the builder to take care of issues before the warranty expires.

Hiring an experienced New Jersey home inspector to complete a thorough and complete inspection of your new home is a wise decision and is money well spent. Be informed about your new home and make a successful transition. An independent home inspector who works for your best interests will find the problems that may affect your wallet and possibly your family’s safety.New Home Inspections in New Jersey

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