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Client Testimonials

Thank you John, I received the inspection report and I have to say I am very impressed at the thoroughness of it. I just went though the whole report and it was very easy to understand and loved the pictures in the report. I just emailed it to my Atty I am sure I will be discussing issues with him tomorrow. Thanks for explaining everything and for being so patient. You are a true professional.
Sonia A. Buzzelli

I actually researched dozens of inspectors, I contacted John approximately 10:15pm and he answered the questions I had concerning the services he provides. I could not have made a better choice he saved me thousands and helped me�re-negotiate my contract with his findings.
-A. Armstrong, Plainfield, NJ

"I’m extremely satisfied. I genuinely feel I choose the right person for the job. John was pleasant and most importantly informative and knowledgeable"
A. September, Oakland, NJ

"Thanks so much for such an amazing job on the inspection and for such a thorough and detailed report! I have to say - I remember the last home inspection we did about 6 years ago when we bought our last house - and I thought our inspector at the time was really good. Mind you, it was a smaller house, but his report was like 8 pages. Yours is over 40 with pictures and coverage down to the individual outlet, window, etc. So much really valuable detail!"
C. Cerruto, Glen Ridge, NJ

"Thank you for the outstanding service in inspecting our potential home. We really enjoyed meeting you and the time and care you put into inspecting the house. We felt as though you were inspecting your own house.�The report with the pictures was really very valuable and the turn around time was outstanding. We would definitely recommend you to others as well as call you again"
M.C Landing, NJ

"It was a great experience working with John. He has a very sharp eye. Very detailed and thorough inspection. John does not cut corners. After a home inspection with LookSmart you will know exactly what you are buying"
B. Aboulenian, Avenel, NJ�

"Home buying can be a very stressful experience.�Hiring John Martino at Look Smart was probably the easiest part of my home purchase. His fees are affordable and his schedule is very flexible. John is�extremely thorough with his inspection and�the inspection report can be completed�in less then 48 hours. I�was also�impressed by the�quality of his reports containing�photos and summaries of�his findings. I highly recommend LookSmart!!"
Yvett Plaza, Dover, NJ

"The home inspection was very thorough and the inspector (John) was very knowledgeable"
G. Urena, North Bergen, NJ

"Thanks again for coming out to the house twice.�You did a real through and professional�job"
I. Walsh, Flanders, NJ�

"I knew "Dilip cannot be wrong", when he recommended your name. I am extremely satisfied with the details of your work. Now, I am another client of yours, who will be talking about you in our friend circle".
S. Prandhan, Hackettstown, NJ

"I am very happy with the service. I received all that was promised....Very satisfied"
R. Khandelwal, Parsippany, NJ

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Chimney liners

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Masonry chimney liners can be lined or unlined. An unlined chimney has exposed bricks on its interior. The bricks in a chimney with a liner are protected. The chimney liner can be metal, clay, or tile.

Oil fired heating equipment often do not require a liner because the exhaust gas are not that corrosive. The gases from an oil system are also much hotter and can escape the chimney very quickly before condensation forms.

Gas burns at a much lower temperature then oil thus the gases are much cooler. As the gas goes up the chimney it cools further and can form condensation.

This condensation can get trapped in the chimney brick and freeze when the heating equipment is turned off. Over time the freezing and thawing of the condensation can cause damage to the interior of the chimney. Significant damage can be done to the chimney if corrective measures are not taken such as installing a chimney liner.

Bergen County Home Inspections

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LookSmart is an independent New Jersey Home inspection company that performs home inspections through out Bergen County NJ. Why should you hire LookSmart to do your Bergen County home inspection

LookSmart is independent which means that the company does not solicit business from realtors or banks. You can rest assured that LookSmart will be working only for you

LookSmart provides very thorough Bergen County home inspections and home inspection reports that are delivered the very next day-there is no waiting for the report to arrive in the mail

Home inspection reports are very detailed and narratives are in plain English and backed up by photos of major defects

LookSmart has many, many  satisfied customers and would love to add you to the very long list of satisfied home inspection clients

A lookSmart home inspection is affordable, sure you can pay a lot more but why would you?

LookSmart guarantees that you will be completly satisfied with your Bergen County home inspection.


Effloresence and mold

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What is mold and what is Efflorescence?
Masonry such as brick, cement, and stone have naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are naturally present in masonry products. These salts and minerals remain trapped inside the masonry until water brings them to the surface. The water makes its way into the small pours of the masonry. When the water evaporates salt like white powders come to the surface of the masonry.

Efflorescence will look and feel like a powder mold does not have this appearence.
Mold grows on organic substances, efflorescence forms on inorganic building materials.
Mold will nod dissolve in water, efflorescence will disolve in water.
Mold can be many differerent colors, efflorescence in most cases is white in color.


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