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Thank you John, I received the inspection report and I have to say I am very impressed at the thoroughness of it. I just went though the whole report and it was very easy to understand and loved the pictures in the report. I just emailed it to my Atty I am sure I will be discussing issues with him tomorrow. Thanks for explaining everything and for being so patient. You are a true professional.
Sonia A. Buzzelli

I actually researched dozens of inspectors, I contacted John approximately 10:15pm and he answered the questions I had concerning the services he provides. I could not have made a better choice he saved me thousands and helped me�re-negotiate my contract with his findings.
-A. Armstrong, Plainfield, NJ

"I’m extremely satisfied. I genuinely feel I choose the right person for the job. John was pleasant and most importantly informative and knowledgeable"
A. September, Oakland, NJ

"Thanks so much for such an amazing job on the inspection and for such a thorough and detailed report! I have to say - I remember the last home inspection we did about 6 years ago when we bought our last house - and I thought our inspector at the time was really good. Mind you, it was a smaller house, but his report was like 8 pages. Yours is over 40 with pictures and coverage down to the individual outlet, window, etc. So much really valuable detail!"
C. Cerruto, Glen Ridge, NJ

"Thank you for the outstanding service in inspecting our potential home. We really enjoyed meeting you and the time and care you put into inspecting the house. We felt as though you were inspecting your own house.�The report with the pictures was really very valuable and the turn around time was outstanding. We would definitely recommend you to others as well as call you again"
M.C Landing, NJ

"It was a great experience working with John. He has a very sharp eye. Very detailed and thorough inspection. John does not cut corners. After a home inspection with LookSmart you will know exactly what you are buying"
B. Aboulenian, Avenel, NJ�

"Home buying can be a very stressful experience.�Hiring John Martino at Look Smart was probably the easiest part of my home purchase. His fees are affordable and his schedule is very flexible. John is�extremely thorough with his inspection and�the inspection report can be completed�in less then 48 hours. I�was also�impressed by the�quality of his reports containing�photos and summaries of�his findings. I highly recommend LookSmart!!"
Yvett Plaza, Dover, NJ

"The home inspection was very thorough and the inspector (John) was very knowledgeable"
G. Urena, North Bergen, NJ

"Thanks again for coming out to the house twice.�You did a real through and professional�job"
I. Walsh, Flanders, NJ�

"I knew "Dilip cannot be wrong", when he recommended your name. I am extremely satisfied with the details of your work. Now, I am another client of yours, who will be talking about you in our friend circle".
S. Prandhan, Hackettstown, NJ

"I am very happy with the service. I received all that was promised....Very satisfied"
R. Khandelwal, Parsippany, NJ

Flexible gas piping

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

I inspected a home built by Toll Brothers today. I see more and more flexible gas piping instead of the conventional black pipe that was used for so long. I must say that this newer type of flexible pipe does have some major advantages over its more rigid cousin. The proper name for the material is corrugated steel tubing. The tubing can be used to deliver gas to almost any gas fired appliance in the home. The biggest advantage to the builder anyway is its time savings to install. With conventional black pipe you need to measure it, cut it to size, tread it, and then apply joint compound. It’s a lot of steps and very time consuming. Another advantage (and I had to be sold on this one) is that the flexible pipe is less likely to leak gas because it has less connections then the conventional black pipe. Every time black pipe needs to change direction a ninety degree fitting and coupling needs to be used. This makes for many more possible leak areas. The flexible pipe can bend and work its way around obstacles. However installing flexible gas piping is not a do-it yourself project. The manufactures of such products want their installers to take proper training on

Plastic pipes and home inspections

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

Plastic water pipes are becoming more and more common. I find a lot of plastic water pipes while performing home inspections in New Jersey. Plastic has become more and more popular because of its ease to install, time savings, and cost savings over traditional piping materials. Plastic pipes can also be turned at angles with out elbow connectors. Several other advantages of this type of water pipe are its more resistant to freeze breakage, water hammer is usually eliminated, plastic piping does not transfer heat efficiently to the air so it keeps hot water hot longer then traditional metal pipes. This type of piping has actually been around since the early 1980’s but its use has really taken off recently. However copper is sill the predominant materials choice when it comes to interior water supply piping. Copper still accounts for over eighty percent of supply piping in newly built homes. However copper piping has become very expensive to purchase and to install. PEX or plastic piping can be connected and joined by a myriad of methods. The most common type of connection uses a cooper crimp ring and a crimping tool. There are also fittings and connectors that c

Chimney Flashing Details

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

I want to talk a little about chimney flashings. I find many poor chimney flashing details while performing home inspections in New Jersey. Proper chimney flashing details are very important because where the chimney comes through the roof is a very vulnerable area to water infiltration. Even if the chimney is located on the side of the home, proper flashing details are necessary in order to keep the water out. What I see on home inspections is metal flashings that  are sealed with roofing cement only. Roofing cement or silicons will get brittle after a couple of freeze and thaw cycles and will allow water into the attic space. There are several very important flashing details, some or all are usually missing. There should be a step flashing which is installed between each layer of shingles and then is covered with a counter flashing. The step flashings should extend roughly three inches under the shingles and the counter flashing should be let (cut) into the mortar joints roughly one inch. I never see this this type of detail. During most home inspections I see caulk, or tar or silicone at this vital connection. To finish out the chimney flashing details there should be a

Home Inspections and Aluminum Wire

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

Aluminum electrical wire was used from 1960 up until 1980. This type of conductor was made because it was a less expensive alternative then copper conductor wire. Aluminum wire is not as efficient a conductor as copper wire was so to compensate a larger wire size had to be used. The main issue with aluminum wire is that it expands when it heats up. This expansion can cause the wire to become loose from  its attachment screws. Expansion of the wire causes poor electrical connections between the wire and its terminal. Another issue is that aluminum wire is easy to damage and often was nicked or crimped. When the wire is damaged hot spots can occur.

There are two corrective measures that one can take when aluminum wire is found during the home inspection process. The first one and the one that I recommend is to replace the aluminum wire with cooper conductor. This is an expensive undertaking but at least you will have the piece of mind knowing that the problem wire has been replaced. A second measure is to install special connectors where the aluminum wire is connected to copper wires. These connections are regularly referred to as pig tails. This method is good in theory b

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