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Laundry Room Inspection

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

There are several issues that we will look for when performing home inspections in Union county NJ and all areas of the state. We will look for kinks in the plumbing connections and fittings to the clothes washer. Make sure that all natural gas and LPG lines are protected and kept free from impact. One of the most important things in the laundry area is to make sure that the gas dryer vents to the exterior of the home. All dryer vents that go through walls or ceilings must be rigid pipes and not the flexible pipes that we see all the time while performing home inspections in Union County NJ and all other areas of the state.

Clothes dryer vents present a different problems then other venting system because the air that they carry is high in moisture and has lint. The dryer vent pipe must discharge to the exterior and must not vent to the attic or crawlspace. The wood structure can be negatively effected by the high moisture content. Wood rot and mold growth can easily develop.

The length of a clothes dryer exhaust ensures that the dryer exhaust blower will be able to blow adequate air volume to take away the moist air and lint. The maximum length of a clothes dryer exhaust duct should not be longer then 25 feet from the location of the laundry area. For each elbow the duct must be reduced by five feet. Screens are not permitted on the clothes dryer exhaust vent because they can get obstructed by lint.

The lint trap in the clothes dryer should be cleaned or at least checked before each use. When you move into your new home you should replace the dryer vent pipe because often these pipes are not well maintained. With a new pipe you greatly reduce the chance of fire. The new vent pipes should be cleaned and brushed out at least twice per year in order to avoid lint build up on the interior. Inspection of the laundry room and dryer vent pipe is an important part of performing your Union County home inspection and all inspections performed in NJ.

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