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Importance of kick-out flashings

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By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

When performing home inspections in New Jersey one of the important flashing details that New Jersey home inspectors will look for is kick-out flashings. Kickout flashing, also known as diverter flashing, is a unique type of flashing that diverts rainwater away from the exterior siding and into the gutter. Kickout flashings are particularity important when there is stucco or EIFS installed on the home. The idea being to help keep water from running against the exterior siding. In the case of stucco or EIFS water behind the stucco can cause significant problems such as rotting and mold growth. Once water enters the area behind the exterior siding it gets trapped.

When the flashings are installed properly, they provide excellent protection against the penetration of water behind the exterior siding. Several factors can lead to rainwater intrusion, but missing kickout flashings, in particular, can result in latent water intrusion and damage.

Home inspectors in New Jersey should make sure that kickout flashings are installed. Water penetration behind the siding or stucco cladding can sometimes be observed on the exterior walls in the form of water stains. Many times these water stains take on a tea like color. There can be significant damage and water intrusion with out visible evidence on the exterior of the home.

Certified home inspectors in New Jersey will look for the following problems regarding kick out flashings.

– The kick out flashing was never installed. Sometimes builders are not aware that these flashings are required. This is particularly important because new homes are tightly sealed. If water intrusion behind the walls occurs it is very difficult to dry out.

– The required kick out flashings are not installed properly. The bottom seam of the flashing must be watertight. If it is not, water will leak through the seam and may penetrate the are behind the exterior siding. The bottom of the flashing should be angled in order to divert rain water, snow, and ice to the gutter below it.

Kickout flashing are crucial anywhere a roof and exterior wall intersect, where the wall continues past the lower roof-edge and gutter. If a kickout flashing is missing in this vital location, large volumes of water may over shoot the gutter, enter the area behind the siding, and become trapped inside the wall.

In summary, kickout flashing should be present and properly installed in order to direct rainwater away from the exterior siding. Home inspections in New Jersey should include the inspection and identification of kick out flashings.

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