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Humidifier in attic space

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections
 One thing that concerns me is that I still find forced hot air heating units with humidifiers installed in the attic space. It seems like this would be a great idea. In theory it is a good idea to add moisture to what is a very dry heat. However if the humidifier is not maintained (and few are) and it fails, you run the risk of putting gallons of moisture in your attic space where it can not escape. The result can be wood rot, moisture damage and most often times excessive mold growth. All of these issues can be in the upwards of thousands of dollars to correct. If you do have a furnace in your attic I would highly recommend that you stop running the humidifier or better yet remove it completely. Others may disagree with this but the potential costs far out weigh the small increase in comfort you will receive with the humidifier operating.  
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