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Home Inspections and Grading Issues

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections
It never fails that probably the single most prevalent issue that I find while doing home inspections is the lack of grading away from the home. I can pull up to ten homes and I guarantee eight out of the ten will have grading issues. Homeowners spend a fortune each year on basement water proofing remedies when the vast majority of basement water issues are caused by improperly sloped soil around the home. If your home has a basement water problem your first line of corrective action is to slope the soil away from the home around the entire exterior perimeter. Next make sure gutters and downspouts are not obstructed. Clogged gutters and downspouts can pour water right against the exterior walls of the home, right where you don’t want it. You want downspouts to discharge at least five feet away from the exterior walls of the home. I have inspected homes where the soil is steeply graded toward the house and the sellers wonder why water is getting into the basement. Many of the  foundation walls that I see while inspecting homes in NJ are block. Block foundation walls usually date back to the mid 1950’s. Block walls are porous and water can seep (or even flow) in.  If water is laying against the exterior walls of the home you can better believe that there is a very good possibility that it is going to make its way in. Other structural issues may be caused by this water pressing against the exterior walls. There may be a need to install a drainage system and sump pumps but take care of the grading and downspouts first. It may save you a small fortune. If you have any questions about grading or other home inspection issues please drop me a note. I would be happy to answer any of them.
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