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Common Problems Encountered During Home Inspection

By : John Martino | In : general

There are a wide variety of issues encountered by home inspectors when they undertake thorough inspection. Though these problems may be common, they should not be overlooked as they can cause serious problems. Let’s look at some of the most common problems found during Home Inspections:

Damaged Roof

Roof is the first think that people notice while inspecting a home. If roof is damaged it is considered a major problem. There are various types of roof damages such as leaking roof, sagging and damaged shingles, damaged trusses and missing flashings. Some of these may be minor problems but if ignored at initial stage repair costs can increase later.

Electrical Problems

Outdated or insufficient electrical system is a common problem and it is hazardous one. The problems include bad wiring, outdated wiring or wiring that does not meet current electrical codes. This could lead to short-circuit, fire and damage to appliances and electronics.

Choked Drainage

Another common problem is poor drainage. It is generally easy to detect a drainage problem, some evidences like damaged basement walls and dampness indicate poor drainage. It can be taken care of by fixing downspouts and gutter but if the problem is major then you might need to level the entire property.

Bug Infestation

Bug infestation could be a problem found in a poorly maintained home. There could be termites and other bugs dwelling in the home and to detect them you need to get the home inspected by a Professional Home Inspector as they may not appear obvious to untrained eyes. Other problems like seepage can lead to formation or toxic molds and mildew. This is very harmful for the health of people living in such home.

Improper Ventilation

Properly ventilated house will keep the home fresh by allowing breeze to pass through. Poor ventilation can lead to dampness in the house and can sometimes leave foul smell in the house. Thus if the home is not able to meet proper ventilation norms you might need to make major structural changes which is very expensive. It is better to take Home Inspection Service to identify these problems and negotiate the prices of repairs with home owners.

Dysfunctional Heating and Cooling Systems

Dysfunctional heating or cooling system means another expensive problem that needs attention. If the home that you are buying has poor or old heating system it could be hazardous and it will also consume more energy than new energy efficient systems. A home inspector will thoroughly check the heating and cooling system of home and advise you accordingly.

These are the common Home Inspection Problems found in the homes by the home inspectors along with other problems. It is better to invest in a property that if free from all these problems rather than buying a home without getting it inspected and then spending a fortune to get it repaired.

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