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Moisture Problems Found in Crawl Spaces

By : John Martino | In : mold

I come across many homes built on crawl spaces while performing home inspections in New Jersey. Unfortunately many crawlspaces have moisture problems. There are several main causes of crawlspace water and moisture issues.

Before we discuss moisture we must talk briefly about the different venting methodologies involved in crawl spaces. Most crawlspaces have vents that provide cross ventilation. The sub-floor is insulated as well as the piping inside the space in order to help keep things from freezing. There is usually a vapor barrier on the crawlspace floor. This is the type of crawlspace that are most found while performing NJ Home inspections.

The second type of crawlspace is a non-vented type. The crawlspace walls are insulated however the sub-floor is not. The vents are permanently sealed up so that exterior air is not introduced into the crawlspace. There is usually a vapor barrier installed on the crawlspace floor as well as the use of a dehumidifier in order to help keep moisture levels in the crawlspace under control. Pipe insulation is also

LookSmart Performs Mold Testing In NJ

By : John Martino | In : mold

Mold has become a very hot topic lately for home buyers. Mold can cause negative health effects in people and cause damage to interior finishes. The job of mold in nature is to break down organic materials. More and more insurance companies will not cover mold related damage. Some will not write policies if there is mold present in the home.

Why Testing for Mold Is Important:

Although not all mold is toxic, some types are. Toxic mold produces hazardous byproducts called mycotoxins. Individuals with asthma and other respiratory problems may have reactions to many types of mold, but mycotoxins may trigger health problems even in healthy individuals. Floating particles of mold are invisible to the naked eye, so it’s impossible to see where they might have settled until they begin to grow. Loose mold particles that accumulate on household items are easily inhaled and can be a constant irritation to the people and pets who live there. (more…)

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