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Laundry Room Inspection

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There are several issues that we will look for when performing home inspections in Union county NJ and all areas of the state. We will look for kinks in the plumbing connections and fittings to the clothes washer. Make sure that all natural gas and LPG lines are protected and kept free from impact. One of the most important things in the laundry area is to make sure that the gas dryer vents to the exterior of the home. All dryer vents that go through walls or ceilings must be rigid pipes and not the flexible pipes that we see all the time while performing home inspections in Union County NJ and all other areas of the state.

Clothes dryer vents present a different problems then other venting system because the air that they carry is high in moisture and has lint. The dryer vent pipe must discharge to the exterior and must not vent to the attic or crawlspace. The wood structure can be negatively effected by the high moisture content. Wood rot and mold growth can easily develop.

The length of a clothes dryer exhaust ensures that the dryer exhaust blower will be abl

Zinsco electrical panels and New Jersey Home inspections

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One very important aspect of your Morris County Home Inspection is to inspect for unsafe electrical panels. Zinsco electrical panels were installed through out the United States up until the late 1970‘s. These panels are more prone to overheating then other electrical panel boxes. Zinsco panels may not offer the same over current protection as other electrical panels. As with Federal Pacific electrical panels Zinsco panels may work fine for many years before developing problems. I do find many of these Zinsco electrical panels while performing Morris County Home Inspections.

Overheating is the big problem with these electrical panels. As more and more energy is demanded from the electrical service of the home the panels may be prone to overheating. Zinsco circuit breakers have been known to melt too the bus bars. When the circuit breaker melts it can not trip when an over current develops. Surging electrical current will continue to enter the circuit until the wires melt, when the wires melt or burn up a house fire can be the

Home Inspection: External chimney problems

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A chimney must be water tight and gas tight to properly move the products of combustion to the exterior of the home. Chimneys do their work in a harsh environment. Chimneys are exposed to rain, snow, varying temperatures, combustion products and toxic exhaust gas. A thorough inspection of the chimney is required in order to determine if serious problems exist. A quality home inspection in NJ will provide a visual inspection of the exterior of the chimney. As always a level II chimney inspection is recommended at the time of the real estate purchase. A level II inspection is very thorough and will revel problems that are hidden from view during a visual inspection.

Home inspectors in NJ will perform a visual inspection of the accessible portions of the chimney interior. A level II inspection should be performed by a chimney specialist.

A rain cap is a metal cover that is installed at the top of the chimney that helps keep water out. Rain and moisture can damage the interior of the chimney. A second purpose of the hat is to

Importance of kick-out flashings

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By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

When performing home inspections in New Jersey one of the important flashing details that New Jersey home inspectors will look for is kick-out flashings. Kickout flashing, also known as diverter flashing, is a unique type of flashing that diverts rainwater away from the exterior siding and into the gutter. Kickout flashings are particularity important when there is stucco or EIFS installed on the home. The idea being to help keep water from running against the exterior siding. In the case of stucco or EIFS water behind the stucco can cause significant problems such as rotting and mold growth. Once water enters the area behind the exterior siding it gets trapped. (more…)

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