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Some Home Inspection Tips That Can Help You in Buying a Home

By : John Martino | In : general

Buying a home can be a huge and often onetime event for most of the people, though there are people who might get more than one opportunity to buy a home in their lives. But for all kind of buyers a home inspection is necessary because home is always a costly investment. As home inspectors involve into the home buying process on regular basis, their help and tips can make the process easy for you.

To get the professional home inspection services is important because a practiced home inspector will know what to check and how to check. He will be able to recognize a problem that is hidden to inexperienced people. Here are a few tips for home inspection which will help you a lot in buying a home:

  • Select an experienced home inspector:

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Home Inspection Services Can Save You Form Unforeseen Problems

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Home Inspection service is a must for all buyers who are in search of a new home. This is important because when you decide to buy a particular home you can be totally assured that you paid the right price for the home and there will not be any nasty surprises for you when you actually move in your new home.

If you are able to find a Qualified Home Inspector to inspect the home you intend to buy then half your job is done there. He will painstakingly investigate the home from inside out to determine the condition of the home. Each and every detail of the home which was inspected will be presented in a coherent report which is of about thirty to fifty pages long.

The actual value of the property can be determined from the final inspection report presented by the home inspection company. Therefore, it is important that you take utmost care in selecting a home inspection company. There are various reliable sources from where you can get the references of the inspectors who provide Continue Reading

Common Problems Encountered During Home Inspection

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There are a wide variety of issues encountered by home inspectors when they undertake thorough inspection. Though these problems may be common, they should not be overlooked as they can cause serious problems. Let’s look at some of the most common problems found during Home Inspections:

Damaged Roof

Roof is the first think that people notice while inspecting a home. If roof is damaged it is considered a major problem. There are various types of roof damages such as leaking roof, sagging and damaged shingles, damaged trusses and missing flashings. Some of these may be minor problems but if ignored at initial stage repair costs can increase later.

Electrical Problems

Outdated or insufficient electrical system is a common problem and it is hazardous one. The problems include bad wiring, outdated wiring or wiring that does not meet current electrical codes. This could lead to short-circuit, fire and damage to appliances and electronics.

Choked Drainage

Termites and Your Home

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Researchers have traditionally thought termites Home Inspector move randomly in the soil. This was because it was virtually impossible to see how these insects actually travel in the soil. But recent studies have shown that termites move in very predictable ways. It has been discovered that their movement is more efficient then being purely random. As termites travel away from the colony they construct branching tunnels in a radial pattern similar to the spokes in a bicycle tire.

This pattern divides and then subdivides the search areas so the termites cover it as completely as possible. Termites probably don’t detect wood from great distances because the soil environment doesn’t allow chemical cues to travel very far. It is believed that termites find food basically by running into it during their foraging and searching activity.

Termites respond to environmental cues like temperature and moisture. During the winter they move down into the soil because they cannot cross the frost barrier. During dry periods termites move deeper into the soil or

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest decisions. Before you close, you’ll want a professional inspection of the house to ascertain its true condition. John Martino is a formally trained New Jersey home inspector and member of the American Society of Home Inspectors...ReadMore