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Basic Home Inspections Checklist for Home Buyers

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

Are you looking for a new home to buy? How can you ensure that it is everything that you always wanted? For starters, consider a basic home inspection! This will give you an idea regarding what you are getting with your money. You will know about the condition of the property and make knowledgeable decisions regarding whether to buy or not to buy.

Consider these checklists for home inspection below to ensure it is done right.

  • Check the Property Structure

One of the first things to do is to check the structure of the property you are after. You will require professional for the job who will go through the walls, ceilings, foundations, and other aspects and give you the report regarding their conditions. You will know immediately if there are cracks or weaknesses present.

  • Check the Wiring

Examining the existing electrical wires is the next step in any home inspection checklist. For starters, it should comply with the existing government regulations in the particular state or locality. Power connection should be in appropriate working conditions minimizing instances of accidents, fire hazards, and short-circuiting at any time.

  • Check the Presence of Pests

Rat, cockroach, and termite infestations signify that the money you invest in a property will go down the drain sooner than later. Checking for the presence of pests is the single most important factor that no home inspection should ignore. This will ensure peace of mind in times to come.

  • Check the Plumbing

Home inspections involve thorough checking of the water distribution system throughout the property in question. What kind of pipe materials have the builders used? Are there any recent notable modifications present? Professional Home Inspector need to answer these questions correctly in order to ensure right decision-making.

  • Check Fire Safety

How safe is the property from accidental fires? What kind of safeguards do you find in place? Lives lost and rampant property damages are an integral part of such instances. As such, you cannot afford to be lenient in this regard. Go through the home inspection report to make sure that this arena has not been neglected.

  • Check the Attic & Roof

Replacing the roof is not simple therefore when you are buying a new property make sure that this does not become your immediate expenditure soon after taking possession. Replacement of roof can set a person back financially. Attic inspections identify water leakages, fire damage, rodent infestations, and many such loopholes in a particular property. So if you want to find some skeletons in the cupboard this is the place to start!

  • Check AC & Heating

How is our air conditioning working in your home to be? This can be another big source of expenditure along with the heating system present. Home inspections can unearth problems related to this scenario and help you to remain informed.

A basic home inspection checklist is not the sole basis for purchasing property, but it is a step in the right direction! So, are you ready to make this investment?

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