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Moisture Problems Found in Crawl Spaces

By : John Martino | In : mold

I come across many homes built on crawl spaces while performing home inspections in New Jersey. Unfortunately many crawlspaces have moisture problems. There are several main causes of crawlspace water and moisture issues.

Before we discuss moisture we must talk briefly about the different venting methodologies involved in crawl spaces. Most crawlspaces have vents that provide cross ventilation. The sub-floor is insulated as well as the piping inside the space in order to help keep things from freezing. There is usually a vapor barrier on the crawlspace floor. This is the type of crawlspace that are most found while performing NJ Home inspections.

The second type of crawlspace is a non-vented type. The crawlspace walls are insulated however the sub-floor is not. The vents are permanently sealed up so that exterior air is not introduced into the crawlspace. There is usually a vapor barrier installed on the crawlspace floor as well as the use of a dehumidifier in order to help keep moisture levels in the crawlspace under control. Pipe insulation is also

Performing New Home Inspections in New Jersey

By : John Martino | In : Home Inspections

Recently we have been getting many calls requesting new home inspections in New Jersey. New-home inspections are becoming ever more popular and make sense for most home buyers.

A quality New Jersey home inspection will find construction oversights and issues before you have to close on the home. Having a new home inspection will give you and the builder the opportunity to address these issues before closing. Common oversights that are often found while performing new NJ home inspections are incomplete plumbing, gutters that are incorrectly installed, missing flashing and roofing components, fireplace issues, and electrical system problems. The building of a new home involves many subcontractors often working in the home at the same time. Subcontractors may be working on many homes at the same time and without careful coordination oversights can occur. A qualified and experienced New Jersey home inspector wil

Some Home Inspection Tips That Can Help You in Buying a Home

By : John Martino | In : general

Buying a home can be a huge and often onetime event for most of the people, though there are people who might get more than one opportunity to buy a home in their lives. But for all kind of buyers a home inspection is necessary because home is always a costly investment. As home inspectors involve into the home buying process on regular basis, their help and tips can make the process easy for you.

To get the professional home inspection services is important because a practiced home inspector will know what to check and how to check. He will be able to recognize a problem that is hidden to inexperienced people. Here are a few tips for home inspection which will help you a lot in buying a home:

  • Select an experienced home inspector:

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Home Inspection Services Can Save You Form Unforeseen Problems

By : John Martino | In : general

Home Inspection service is a must for all buyers who are in search of a new home. This is important because when you decide to buy a particular home you can be totally assured that you paid the right price for the home and there will not be any nasty surprises for you when you actually move in your new home.

If you are able to find a Qualified Home Inspector to inspect the home you intend to buy then half your job is done there. He will painstakingly investigate the home from inside out to determine the condition of the home. Each and every detail of the home which was inspected will be presented in a coherent report which is of about thirty to fifty pages long.

The actual value of the property can be determined from the final inspection report presented by the home inspection company. Therefore, it is important that you take utmost care in selecting a home inspection company. There are various reliable sources from where you can get the references of the inspectors who provide Continue Reading

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