How to Turn $100 Savings into a $10,000 Loss

The other day a past client, I'll call him Bob, hired me to do an inspection on a home he is purchasing.  It was an eye-opening call to receive.  Bob already had a NJ home inspection done on this house and was calling me to re-inspect it.  He confessed that while he was highly satisfied with my work on the first home, this time he looked for a "bargain" and chose a home inspector on price alone.  Like so many home-buyers, Bob assumed that all home New Jersey home inspectors do the same job.  Many times it is too late when they learn that when hiring a home inspector, a "bargain price" does not equal the value of a job well-done.

On the day of Bob's home inspection, he was shocked by the poor quality and rushed inspection the bargain inspector did in just an hour and a half.  No thorough home inspection can be performed in an hour and a half.  As Bob described to me how he felt that he had been taken, he commented on the home inspection report.  He said it was a "tell you nothing" style with vague language.  Using my previous work as a benchmark, Bob knew that he may be in trouble this time.  He was smart to act quickly and give me a call.  Many home-buyers who hire a home inspector on price alone discover issues only after they have already purchased the house, when it is too late. 

We scheduled the appointment and I inspected this same house for Bob.  It was a 3½ hour inspection.  Among other issues missed by the bargain inspector, I discovered a major structural problem in the foundation wall. This challenging issue was not even mentioned by the bargain inspector, and could easily have cost Bob well over $10,000 to repair.  Although Bob had no way of knowing about this issue after the bargain home inspection, with my previous work as a benchmark, he knew something was not right.   

Now you are about to make one of the most important investments of your life in buying your home.  I share Bob's experience with you because I truly believe that you get what you pay for.  I am not the least expensive home inspector out there, but I provide an excellent service at a fair price. 

Please do not compromise quality for a bargain home inspector.  A $100 savings on your inspection may cost you $10,000 more in the end.  Hire an independent NJ home inspector who raises the bar for the home inspection profession.  When I perform your home inspection, you will know without a doubt that you will have all the information about the house you need to make a sound decision.